21 Day Journey of Embracing Fresh Attitudes & Focused Habits for Real Life Change



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God Values YOU!

Do you know your core values?

It's about HIS work!

God is the Master Artist!

We are not "as is"!

God, what do you want to accomplish?


Christ's covering shapes your truest idenity!

God made you fearfully and wonderfully!

He promises to show UP!

Passions are like fuel!

Regardless of where you are . . .
Real life change is a process built on a partnership between you and God. #theNEWyou Click To Tweet No matter your situation, His grace is there. #theNEWyou Click To Tweet God's glorious work is set apart for you, so why not join Him in it? #theNEWyou Click To Tweet The mundane will become holy when it's done for the glory of God. #theNEWyou Click To Tweet You are a key part of a timeless story meant to reveal the glory of God. #theNEWyou Click To Tweet We need to live the stories God is writing in our lives . . . not someone else's. #theNEWyou Click To Tweet


Is it time for a fresh start?

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